WE4AHA Project Executive Committee meeting: the first year of activities and the way forward

WE4AHA consortium partners met after one year since the start of the project in Brussels on the 17th and 18th October 2018. The meeting, organized and managed by Funka and hosted by EHTEL, has been aimed at sharing the huge amount of achievements gained during the first project year, align partners with knowledge and outputs produced by the different lines of work and agree on the strategic orientation and priorities for the next period.

Results achieved so far by the WE4AHA have clearly showed the need for cross-collaboration and cross-fertilization between the various EIP on AHA objectives and horizontal initiatives (Blueprint, I2M and MAFEIP) to facilitate economies of scale, avoid duplications and assure crosscutting added value.

After a first year mainly devoted at reinforcing the EIP on AHA stakeholders engagement, commitment and full collaboration to the initiative through processes that have often privileged the implementation of a continuous dialogue with relevant AHA partners and co-creation methodologies, the next period will be dedicated to the concrete implementation of the developed action plans all aimed at fostering the innovation and digital transformation in the field of active and healthy ageing.

Overall priorities for the future year will all aimed at feeding the 3 priorities identified by the Communication on Digital Transformation of Health and Care to accelerate the meaningful use of digital solutions in public health and health care across Europe, reinforcing synergies between current initiatives and further cooperation with external programmes relevant to AHA, to provide the Partnership with elements of reflections on the future of the EIP on AHA beyond 2020.

Particularly beneficial for the consortium has been the presence of the WE4AHA Project Officer during the first meeting day, who gave an in deep overview of the EU policy priorities that will affect the future of the EIP on AHA initiative and its scaling-up ambitions. Her presence has given also the consortium the occasion to share the need of prioritization criteria to efficiently and effectively plan the implementation of next scheduled activities in the framework of the WE4AHA. A sound EC guidance has been deemed as necessary to ensure a shared vision and an increased Partnership support to the EU policy goals on the transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market.

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José Angel Martínez Usero

Title: Responsible for European projects

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