What are you curious about?

Are you thinking about issues around usability and accessibility that nobody seem able to really answer? Would you like to test some little odd thing but never seem to find the time for it? Do you wonder who to trust when different experts and specialists argue against each other?

If so, your life is just like ours. There is a lot to explore and the questions never end. This is why we are engaged in research and innovation.

We often get the question as to why we as a consulting company are engaged in research and invest in scientific methodology – can it really be economically viable? But the answer is simple: we perform research because there is a need for it. In addition, it's both exciting and fun – and of course, we learn a lot from it.

Many organisations want to do the right thing, but often there is a lack of knowledge on how everything from transportation to ICT will work for as many people as possible in today's complex world. We try to contribute as much as we can by constantly looking for better solutions and testing, testing and testing. About 20 % of Funka's operations consist of research and innovation, at national and international level.

We are always open to suggestions and happy to receive ideas about phenomena that our customers or other interested individuals think we should dig deeper into. Please contact us and we promise to look closer at the topic that puzzles you for the moment.

Funka's research and innovation


José Angel Martínez Usero

Title: Responsible for International Affairs

jose.usero@funka.com (José Angel Martínez Usero)

+34 696 721 444 (José Angel Martínez Usero)