Our quality principles

Ensuring quality in the implementation of the study, together with staffing it with consultants and experts with the relevant domain expertise, requires adherence to an agreed set of values. These values are: professionalism, quality adherence and risk management, good communication methods and excellent performance of the tasks.


Funka strives to deliver to our outmost, professional consultancy by means of:

  • a clear methodology 
of work
  • a flexible attitude to client exigencies
  • an orientation to practical results
  • effectiveness of the methods and techniques applied
  • confidentiality of the information managed

Quality adherence

Funka has implemented and maintains a quality management system which fulfils the requirements of the EN ISO9001:2000 for Management Consulting Services.

Risk management

Based on our experience, risks can arise if the project does not adhere to the following elements:

  • completion on time
  • completion within budget
  • desired results not achieved
  • client expectations not met

In all contracts, Funka ensures minimum risks or its complete exclusion from the course of the assignment. A concise risk assessment of the specific risks underlying each assignment is undertaken at an early stage and reiterated for each of the tasks.

Effective communication

The success of work relies significantly on our ability to engage multiple stakeholders and experts representing different approaches, fostering team working with the client and communicating in an effective, clear and concise way.

More for less

Funka is prestigious in Scandinavian countries for the efficiency in carrying out contracts and the high qualification of the staff. Therefore, in many occasions we are in the position to offer a series of intangible assets and extra knowledge and outputs. At Funka we try to overcome our initial client expectations.