Customer stories

After many years and thousands of assignments we have amassed quite a lot of stories and quotes. Some of them we have been allowed to publish to inspire others to work with accessibility. Thanks to all our lovely clients who want to share both large and small!

Funka reviews Skånetrafiken’s app

Skånetrafiken has let Funka review their app, because as of 23 June, apps will be covered by the web accessibility directive. Skånetrafiken is an administration within Region Skåne with the task of offering sustainable, public transport in Scania (Skåne).

Covid-19 related apps and services need to be accessible

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in Norway chose Funka to audit an app for tracing Covid-19 infection. Accessibility testing should be a natural part of any development process, especially when the content is so important for everyone.

Local government focuses on the right to information

With a website that is accessible from the start, an ambitious training program and committed employees, the City of Trollhättan is striving for inclusive information.

Inera and Funka are working together

Many of our customers choose to bring in Funka's experts as a kind of independent third party to ensure that the requirements for accessibility are met. Others chose a more collaborative approach.

Swedol chooses accessibility

Even though only public sector organisations are covered by the EU-regulations so far, still more commercial companies strive for increased accessibility nowadays. These organisations chose to work with accessibility because they know it makes business sense.

Norwegian authority test automatic translation

Does automatic translation work well enough to be used by public sector bodies? The Brønnøysund Register Centre wanted to find out and had Funka investigate the matter.

Norwegian SpareBank 1 chooses Funka

Funka has been commissioned to audit the accessibility of the Internet bank and banking app for Norwegian SpareBank 1, using the higher level of accessibility requirements that Funka has designed in cooperation with the disability organisations. As SpareBank 1 has higher ambitions than just complying to the law, Funka has been hired to see if there is room for further improvements.

Public broadcasting apps accessibility tested

App accessibility is getting increasing attention. For many years Funka has been working with the different digital channels of the Swedish public broadcaster SVT. Right now, we are testing how the popular apps meet accessibility requirements.

Regional library chooses Funka

Libraries are just one of all the important community services that must meet accessibility requirements under the European Web Accessibility Directive. The regional library of Värmland has chosen to involve expertise on accessibility to ensure that the site works for everyone.

When accessibility is a matter of course

Many of our clients focus on the requirements of the law, but not all of them. For the Swedish Association of Teaching Material Authors, it is self-evident that information must work for everyone, even if the organisation is not covered by the law. Funka is re-developing the organisation’s website focusing on accessibility.

Recurring audits are a sign of quality

Returning customers is always nice. But even better is when they, like the municipality of Trondheim in Norway, choose to gradually improve their interfaces and then ensure that they succeed by allowing us to test against the requirements.

ICT-companies are trained in UX and accessibility

Daresay is one of many suppliers who have chosen Funka to deepen their knowledge of accessibility. With practical exercises and good examples, training activites can be tailored to the customer's demands.

New youth organisation choses Funka

Together with children and young people with language disorders, we develop a new website with high requirements on accessibility. The Swedish Heritage Foundation finances the development of the new organisation including the website.

Accessible teaching material

Through training in accessibility, the Norwegian NDLA hopes to be able to take the first steps towards teaching materials that work for everyone. Funka contributes with competence and good examples.

Empathy exercises for the traffic office

Trying out how accessibility works in practice is an effective way of increasing knowledge and awareness. By regularly returning to inclusion issues, the city of Stockholm is building for the future.

Active involvement: putting the UNCRPD into practice

Do persons with disabilities have a say in political decisions that affect them? In a new report, Funka looks at how local authorities in Sweden try to make “nothing about us without us” more than a slogan.

The Norwegian Tourist Association chooses Funka

The Norwegian Tourist Association has hired Funka to conduct an audit of how well the website meets Norway's requirements for accessibility.

City of Stockholm chooses Funka

Funka is performing content audits and plain language training as well as modifying texts for the Communication Office of City of Stockholm.

Funka in cooperation with day care centers

A close cooperation with users with different abilities and needs is key to our work. Long-term collaboration with day care centers means a fantastic possibility to learn even more

Swedish monitoring agency chooses Funka

On behalf of the Swedish Agency for Digital Government, which will monitor how the public sector complies with the Web Accessibility Directive, Funka is investigating automatic tools for testing accessibility.

Website for neurodiverse children and youth

On behalf of the Swedish organisation for people with neuropsychiatric disorders, Funka has developed a website focusing on the rights for all young people to have meaningful leisure time.

e-health agency chooses Funka

Health information is important for everyone. Therefore, the Norwegian e-health agency has chosen to sign a framework agreement with Funka to ensure a high level of universal design in its many popular digital services.

The Swedish Monitoring Agency chooses Funka

DIGG is the authority that has been commissioned to both support the introduction and check compliance with the Web Accessibility Directive in Sweden. The authority has now signed a framework agreement with Funka and several other suppliers.

Lovdata chooses Funka

Funka will provide ongoing support with regards to accessibility when the Norwegian foundation Lovdata publishes material about assistive technology and grants for people with disabilities.

The library service answers - just about anything!

In Sweden, there is a digital service where you can ask any question and get answers from wise public librarians. Funka’s Karin Forsell has trained with a group of people that seems to have one of the world's most fun jobs.

The Norwegian Environmental Authority

Funka has conducted an audit of accessibility on the new website for the Norwegian Environmental Authority.

New Funka report on disability rights in Sweden

In a new report, Funka looks at how public sector bodies in southern Sweden can enhance the rights of persons with disabilities. How well do strategic approaches to disability policy work in practice?

SeniorNet Sweden chooses Funka

With funding from the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, SeniorNet Sweden will develop a supervisor training program in order for elderly people to learn more about IT. Funka has been commissioned to help with expertise in accessibility.

Accessibility competition in the built environment

Funka's Ebba Myrsten has been chosen to be part of the jury assessing accessibility and innovation in the property portfolio of the municipal housing company Stockholmshem.

A clearer view of the user perspective

An important principle for the bank Klarna is to see the world from the user's perspective. To facilitate all of the bank's customers, Funka was assigned to make a review of design based on the current standard.

Altibox creates accessible TV experience

The Norwegian broadband operator Altibox wants to create a TV experience that is good for as many as possible. The goal is that customers easily can find the content that they are interested in. Funka has reviewed the Altibox app and TV interface for accessibility.

Communicate in an accessible manner

How do you write in plain language, how do you make correct links and how do you publish in an accessible manner? The municipality of Oskarshamn in Sweden needed to learn more regarding these issues, and hired Funka for a training session about communicative accessibility.

Important steps towards an accessible website

Värnamo municipality let Funka review Word document templates for PDF files to be published on the web. That is one of many important steps towards meeting the new requirements that came with the Web Accessibility Directive.

Accessible websites for leading pensions company

When KPA Pension, Sweden’s leading pensions company in the local authority sector, needed to review the accessibility of their websites, Funka was a natural partner for expert reviews.

Funka develops self-declaration tool

Funka will develop a self-declaration tool for the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi. In Norway, the legal requirements for accessibility also apply to self service terminals. The tool will facilitate the work of supervising the requirements.

Accessible PDF files with help from Funka

In the production of their annual report, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media turned to Funka to convert the comprehensive document into PDF format.

A win-win situation with Funkas empathy exercises

As part of its competence development program Win-Win, Linköping municipality in Sweden has hired Funka to carry out empathy exercises. Through the exercises, the participants get to experience what it can be like to deal with disabilities in an urban environment, which becomes an eye-opener for many.

Develops its website through user tests

The City of Stockholm is in the midst of an extensive development of the website In this work, they have assigned Funka for user tests to give the inhabitants of Stockholm the best possible conditions to find what they are looking for and have a smooth user experience along the way.

Enterprise website prepares to meet the criteria

To prepare for the forthcoming Web Accessibility Directive, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has assigned Funka to audit the web site The goal is for to meet the criteria for WCAG 2.0 at AA level.

Accessible with BrowseAloud

Stavanger municipality in Norway is focusing on making their web content understandable. One way to help users who struggle with reading is to provide built in assistive technology. After scanning the market, Browsealoud, delivered by Funka, turned out to be the best option, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Making our musical heritage accessible

Funka has helped the concert hall Konserthuset Stockholm to make its historic archive accessible for all. Through digital solutions, culture can reach a wider audience.

Gyldendal aims high with accessibility

The Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal wants to be at the forefront of the expected increase in legal requirements for accessibility in the education sector in Norway. Therefore, they have used Funka for accessibility training of their employees and for expert review of a web platform.

Audit is of great importance

Before the Web Accessibility Directive enters into force in September, more and more governments, municipalities and state-owned companies are letting Funka review how well their digital interfaces meet the requirements. Västervik municipality explains how Funka's audit helps them in their accessibility process.

The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired

The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired has once again chosen Funka as a supplier for long-term stability in terms of the accessibility of its digital development work.

Funka's network of municipalities

One of the most rewarding things we do at Funka is to work with municipalities in our network. Let’s hear what the participants have to say about it.

New website for SLFF under development

Funka is developing a new website for the Swedish Association of Educational Writers. The assignment has entered an eventful phase, with acceptance testing of the website and training for the client. Finally, they get access to a web environment with specific page templates and can begin to fill the website with content.

Disability rights lawyers got training in Trier

Accessibility in public procurement legislation is a popular topic for Funka staff to present on in different parts of the world. At the Academy of European Law in Trier, Germany, we contributed to a two day seminar on EU Disability Law and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Sodexo selects Funka

Funka has developed two websites with high demands for accessibility on behalf of Sodexo: one focusing on providing support for visually impaired people and one for aid service.

An accessibility manual

The state owned company that owns and operates all airports in Sweden, Swedavia, has given Funka the task of updating and quality assurance of their Accessibility Manual. The manual covers customer treatment, allergies, access to the specific built environment of airports, security and many other aspects.

EPF chooses Funka

Funka has been assigned to develop a new website for the European Patient's Forum, EPF.

Botkyrka municipality's road to accessibility

Botkyrka municipality in Sweden actively works with accessibility. Among other things, they hired Funka for training their staff in publishing accessible content. Ann Bjellert, disabilities strategist at Botkyrka municipality, tells us about the municipality's path towards becoming more accessible.

Norwegian design agency chooses Funka

Funka has conducted a tailor-made training in how to create accessible PDF files for the Norwegian design agency Melkeveien. PDF files are at least as important as HTML in terms of accessibility and usability.

Better digital workplaces

Almost everyone uses some kind of digital tool at work. If these are not accessible, we will never reach an inclusive society. That is why assignments focused on internal systems are so important. Right now, we are helping CERES with accessibility.

Funka supports Youths with Disabilities

Helping end user organisations with accessibility is usually a win-win. The assignment for The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities will teach us more about the members' specific needs at the same time as we provide support when it comes to web accessibility.

Digital educational environment

Recently, Funka won a large assignment to further develop and manage the highly accessible digital education environment for the Swedish Special Education Authority.

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection

The Norwegian authority responsible for crisis information, the Directorate for Civil Protection, has tasked Funka with performing accessibility audits of two important websites. The goal is that all citizens, regardless of ability, will be able to access the information.

Award to one of Funkas clients

Congratulations to our client the Swedish Work Environment Authority for winning the award for best website in the category Societal communications! Funka has provided concept and design work as well as performed a battery of user tests.

A holistic approach to universal design

One of our most ambitious clients is Norwegian ULOBA. They strive towards creating the most universally designed digital work environment in Norway. Funka has been working closely with ULOBA during many years.

Online course in accessible writing

More and more customers choose our online trainings. Naturally some courses are more suitable for the web than others, but now we have even done a distance writing course with great results!

The UNCRPD-checker

Do you feel like the UN convention is difficult to interpret? You’re not alone. However, there’s now a service that can help you: the UNCRPD-checker.

Municipality Enköping wins a prize

Congratulations to the local government of Enköping, who won the prize for best usability! Funka has been one of the suppliers, delivering support on accessibility and user testing. chooses Funka once again, the Norwegian weather service, chose Funka to be the ones to audit compliance with the Norwegian legislation on web accessibility.

Recruitment company chooses Funka

To ensure that persons with disabilities can conduct a recruitment process, the Norwegian consulting company Jobbnorge (JobbNorway) focus on accessibility.

Cultural heritage and accessibility

Can buildings be both preserved as cultural heritage and accessible at the same time? When the Norwegian Association of Local Authorities arrived in Stockholm, Funka showed good examples for inspiration.

Support around self service terminals

Funka has been commissioned to provide the Norwegian authority for compliance control, Difi, to support in terms of information and structure of the underlying standards on self service terminals that provide the baseline of the Norwegian legislation.

Training on accessibility

Several thousand training participants have increased their knowledge about accessibility and user experience through our popular programs. Maybe it's time to shed some light in your own organization in the fall? We have courses for every perspective: developers, editors, project managers and designers.

The Norwegian State Housing Bank

During this year’s digitalization conference “Quality on line” the Norwegian State Housing Bank’s service Application for Mortgage won a price for best digital solution. Funka’s expert audit report contributed to the high scores in the category.

Technical audit for the quality registries

As a first step in a larger endeavor, Funka has performed a technical revision of the Registry for Visually Impaired in Southern Sweden.

Making Waves

Three questions to Kristin Sander, Manager Interaction Design, Making Waves.

Swedish Public Service Television (SVT)

Three questions to Lars Samuelsson, web developer at Swedish Public Service Television (SVT).

Governmental Collaboration on ICT-accessibility

Three questions to Anette Ekman at the Swedish Employment Offices and originator of Governmental Collaboration on ICT-accessibility.

The Norwegian Directorate for Integration and Diversity

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, IMDi, has given Funka the task of ensuring that their website is compliant to the Norwegian legislation regarding accessibility.


Funka has developed a custom course- and auditing package for the Norwegian ICT vendor EVRY. The goal of the project is to further enhance the universal design of the e-banking service they are developing.


Stångåstaden (public housing in Linköping) has tasked Funka with doing user tests and evaluating their web interface from a usability- and accessibility standpoint.


Funka welcomes yet another bank as a client. On behalf of the Norwegian bank Kommunalbanken, Funka will audit their new website to improve the user experience.

The Norwegian Labour Party

Three questions to Bjørn Tore Hansen, Communications Advisor of the Norwegian Labour Party.


The Norwegian research organisation SINTEF were so pleased with Funka’s accessibility audit that they have now bought Funka’s editor’s manual. We asked Truls Johnsen, Senior Adviser, a few questions on Funka’s assignment for them.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency, with over 13 000 employees, wants to become the leader in web accessibility in Sweden. It is great when our clients have high ambitions and hopefully the competitive spirit will spread to other authorities!

The National Museum of Science and Technology

When the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm started working on MegaMind, their new science centre for children, they approached Funka to ensure a high degree of accessibility in everything from premises to installations.

The City of Stockholm

Funka have conducted empathy exercises so that Construction Project Managers get increased knowledge and insights in why accessibility is important to urban development in the City of Stockholm.

The disability organisations chose Funka

This summer, HSO Skåne, the southern region of the umbrella organisation for the disability federations in Sweden, will launch their new website developed by Funka.


When the Norwegian online bank Skandiabanken developed a new website they assigned Funka to make it accessible for all. We have interviewed Snorre Kim, Developer at Skandiabanken, about our cooperation.

The Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People, FFO

Three questions to Cato Lie, Policy Adviser at the Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People, FFO. Funka and FFO are planning cooperation projects in accessibility in several areas.

The municipality of Mariestad

Funka will perform an inventory of all apartment buildings in the Swedish municipality of Mariestad, a total of 235 properties. With support from the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning the inventory can be carried out without the property owners having to pay.

The Municipality of Vaxholm

The Swedish Municipality Vaxholm City recently launched a new website. At the initiation of the project the municipality contacted Funka to get support during all of the different stages of the web development. Accessibility has been in focus during the entire project, aiming to develop a website with a logical structure and a clear and understandable content.


Three questions to Tom Losnerdahl, CIO at Uloba. Uloba is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to make sure that people in need of assistance can lead a full and independent life with the support of personal assistants.

Kronoberg County Council

Three questions to Johanna Mysjö, web-coordinator at Kronoberg county council January 1st 2015 Kronoberg County Council, and the Regional Council of Southern Småland, located in southern Sweden, will merge and form Region Kronoberg. The new authority will be responsible for healthcare, culture, public transport and regional development.


To take a firm grip on the accessibility work, state-owned Swedavia, the biggest airport group in Sweden, assigned Funka for a major contract. Funka's consultants have examined both the physical and the web-related accessibility.


Three questions with Marika Sigvardsson, Web Development Manager at Unionen. Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar union in the country.

European Patients Forum

Three questions to Anders Olauson, Chairman at Agrenska and President of European Patients Forum. Axel and Louise Agren founded the Agrenska Foundation a century ago. On May 26 2014 Agrenska will celebrate the 100 years in the presence of the Swedish Queen.

Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs

Three questions to Linn Elgstrand, webmaster at Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs.

DNB, Norway's leading financial institution

Three questions to Stine Braadland, senior project leader at DNB, Norway's leading financial institution.

Standards Norway (standardization organization)

Three questions to Rudolph Brynn, Project leader within the area Design for all, Standards Norway (standardization organization).

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Funka has among other things helped the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, an authority with over 13 000 employees and responsible for annually administering over 20 billion Euros worth of social benefits and allowances, to conduct an inventory and analyse the result on the built environment of the agency.