Accessible PDF files with help from Funka

When the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media needed to convert its annual report into accessible PDF format, they used Funka for the assignment.

The aim of the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media is for everyone to have access to literature and civic information based on their individual ability, regardless of reading literacy or disability. MTM produces and distributes cassette magazines, audio books and books in Braille, as well as easy-to-read literature.

The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media of course needs to practice what they preach also regarding the material related to its own business. For example, all PDF files on their web sites need to be accessible for screen readers and Braille displays. Usually this work is done in-house, but for more extensive material, it is done externally. When it was time to produce an annual report, they turned to Funka.

The annual report is a comprehensive publication. It contains long tables and we lack resources to do that kind of work. Since Funka has been a good partner for a long time, it was natural to use that expert knowledge once again. We got what we expected and are very pleased, says Carina Gerdin, editor at the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media.

The rapid digital development today involves both challenges and opportunities, both for the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media and for society at large.

It is important for us to follow and support the development of new media so that our target groups get to know the new opportunities that the technology provides, says Carina Gerdin.

Raouf Sormunen is the accessibility expert that converted the annual report into accessible PDF format for the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media. He believes that when a document is to be layouted for accessibility, it always helps to have as a rule of thumb to link a text or image in the layout program to well-known structural elements or roles, such as H1 or Figure, then the layout follows even when converting to the PDF format.

When I work with PDF files, I review them to ensure that all content has a good and logical structure that matches the visual structure. I check that links work and images are understandable and make decorative details into artifacts. The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media works with simple, uncluttered and stylish layout so making their products accessible is a pure pleasure. I know that their material really reaches the users. Their target groups are the same as ours, so there is really a win-win situation, says Raouf Sormunen, accessibility expert at Funka.

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