Award to one of Funka's clients

Funka congratulates the project group responsible for, which has won the award for best website in the category Societal communication launched in 2016. We would also like to thank our client for a successful collaboration!

The award is given yearly by the Web Service Award and the motivation of the jury is as follows:

The website has a clear purpose, which is conveyed in a highly appreciated manner. It's a really good, informative and user-friendly site with great user benefits.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has, with help from Funka, purposefully worked for years developing a user focused website. This makes the award an accolade for a solid concept and design effort with a dedicated project group.

The goal of the website is that it should feel clear, airy and simple to use. Human and welcoming, yet serious. Our focus is that links and clickable objects are clearly visible, which is important for accessibility. The navigation is created in order to convey the feeling of being at ease and having found your way, says Frida Westholm, designer at Funka.

User testing at heart

In order to ensure accessibility and pick the right way through the project, it's very important to conduct user testing.

We conducted eyetracking tests and evaluated an array of different design components for the new It was, as always a real learning experience and you get a sense of why accessible design is so important, says Frida Westholm.

The award is based on a yearly review of websites.

The prupose of the website is to provide service and support to our users in their efforts regarding the work environment, says Martina Nicklasson, curator for The award is based on feedback from the visitors, which makes it extra exciting to win this particular prize.

Funka has had the priviliege and trust to help designing the information structure and concept, perform user tests and make the graphic design of Apart from this, we have performed three major audits of the accessibility on the website. We have also trained the Swedish Work Environment Authority's editors in how to publish in an accessible way.

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