Norwegian design agency chooses Funka's PDF training

The Norwegian design agency Melkeveien has customers who demand that PDF files are available, as required by Norwegian legislation. Therefore, they have hired Funka to carry out training in how to create available PDF files.

An available PDF file is as accessible as an accessible HTML page, but minor errors during the production of a pdf file can lead to very serious problems for the user. It is therefore important that the PDF file is created properly, with tools that ensure availability.

The design agency Melkeveien is very pleased with the PDF training that Funka has carried out.

Funka has contributed with valuable insight into the issue and has provided us with procedures for how to deliver good and working PDF files.

In the Norwegian accessibility legislation, just as in the upcoming European Web Accessibility Directive, PDFs published on a website must be accessible. In Norway, the law is also covering the private sector, while only public sector bodies websites are affected in the EU.

Melkeveien in brief

Melkeveien has many years of experience and a broad competence in graphic design. In addition to design strategy, graphic analysis and project management, typical projects are: visual identity, exposure design (exhibition design at conferences), editorial design, illustration and design of logos, books, record covers, and fonts.

Funka says thanks for the trust and wishes Melkeveien luck in the process of creating available PDF files.

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Susanna Laurin

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