Swedish DPO chooses Funka for UNCRPD-checker

The umbrella association of organisations for persons with disabilities in the southernmost region of Sweden, HSO Skåne, has tasked Funka with developing a tool, which enables people to check whether a certain situation is compliant with the UN convention on human rights for persons with disabilities.

As the convention just had its tenth anniversary, the checker is perfectly fitting.

With the UNCRPD-checker we wanted to incorporate a simple, pedagogical and fun way to check whether different everyday scenarios are compliant with the convention, says Emma Holmström, Communications Officer at HSO Skåne.

The UN convention can be a bit difficult to understand and interpret, which makes it valuable to have a simple way to learn about and test one’s rights in practice. The UNCRPD-checker is a testing tool where one can test nine different everyday situations in different settings. Sweden ratified the convention in 2009, but that doesn’t mean all requirements are met.

Everyone must be able to participate in society on equal terms, which is why it’s important that we adapt our society and become more inclusive, says Emma Holmström. Through a collection of the data from the tests in the UNCRPD-checker, we’ll be able to see correlations and patterns that give an indication of how reality complies to the convention. We’ll use that information in order to focus our policy making work.

The UNCRPD-checker has an important purpose in raising awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities. That way, issues regarding accessibility, participation and inclusion are actualized.

The goal of the UNCRPD-checker

In the long run, HSO Skåne is hoping to achieve a change in how the convention is viewed, as it plays an important part in accessibility policy. An important part is to reach the general public with this information, through this tool.

As a Disabled Persons Organisation, we set strict requirements on accessibility, when it comes to digital interfaces, says Emma Holmström. The products and services HSO Skåne develop and provide should have a high accessibility standard. That made it natural for us to reach out to Funka and use their expertise on the subject. We’ve had a productive cooperation with them, since many years, and we know that they deliver excellent quality and flawless service.

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