A holistic approach to universal design

We often talk about how important it is to have a goal when working with universal design. If you do not know where your goal is, it becomes difficult to find the path. Should your organization be a world leader, just comply with legislation or somewhere in between? Or is it user needs that will set the requirements?

An organization that really knows what they strive for is ULOBA. Their aim is to create the most universally designed digital work environment in Norway.

For several years Funka has worked closely with ULOBA, contributing with ongoing support in the form of consulting several days a week, specific requirements, interaction design, training and quality assurance. Through upgrading existing digital solutions, and the acquisition and development of new digital solutions, the digital work environment is constantly improved in terms of user experience and universal design.

It's very exciting to see the progress of this work from the inside, says Torbjørn Helland Solhaug, expert on universal design and user experience at Funka. It is important to have employers who can set a good example.

In addition to working politically to convey the value of good digital solutions for businesses, ULOBA establishes concrete agreements with suppliers which includes an obligation on them to raise the level of their off the shelf products. This way, ULOBA does not only raise the level of universal design in their own systems, they also help to bring about major changes for all purchasers and thus for society. In connection with these agreements Funka is involved in making demands on suppliers, conducting training and control how the requirements are met.

Funka greatly appreciate to be part of the journey towards a universally designed digital working at ULOBA.

About the client

ULOBA - Independent Living Norway SA is a nonprofit organization, organized as a cooperative, and is part of the International Independent Living Movement. ULOBA delivers personal assistance service to disabled with assistance needs in approximately 200 Norwegian municipalities. More than 1 000 disabled are assisted by over 6 000 ULOBA staff assistants, most part-time employees.