Accessibility competition in the built environment

Stockholmshem is one of the largest housing companies in the capital of Sweden. With housing and premises all over the city, they have great expectations of taking a social responsibility. To highlight the issue of accessibility, they therefore announced an accessibility competition among their construction projects. Funka was assigned as accessibility experts to be part of the jury.

We want to raise the question of accessibility in a positive way, says Rebecka Johansson who works with business development at Stockholmshem. Accessibility can be perceived as heavy and boring and something you just have to do. Since we have the ambition to go beyond what laws and regulations require, we need to create enthusiasm and inspiration about the accessibility issues. The awards is a way of doing this.

The accessibility contest became a way of paying attention to best practice among the construction projects that Stockholmshem is working on. Jury members from different parts of the organisation and Ebba Myrsten from Funka visited a number of different projects in December last year. Newly erected buildings and renovation projects that were underway or completed during 2017 and 2018 were included in the competition.

The projects were assessed on the basis of:

  • accessibility
  • economic efficiency
  • number of apartments / premises concerned
  • aesthetics
  • innovation
We wanted to have an external accessibility expert in the jury because it is so valuable to get the expert's views and comments. It felt important to bring someone in with a clear user perspective, Rebecka Johansson continues.

Funka has done the assessment of accessibility and the jury has met, now the winner remains to be appointed.

During the jury visits to the construction projects, we found both good examples and shortcomings that we should rectify, concludes Rebecka Johansson. This constitutes a good basis for the continued development of accessibility in the company's properties. But first of all, of course, the winning construction project will get its prize!

Funka's Ebba Myrsten is happy to focus on good examples and we all look forward to the results and future improvements!