Accessible websites for leading pensions company with help from Funka

KPA Pension is in the middle of a major digitalisation process, including converting their advertising material into digital services. They had a need to review the accessibility of two of their websites. Therefore, they assigned Funka for expert reviews.

KPA Pension is a pensions company for employers and their employees in the local authority sector. The company is in the middle of a customer-centred effort to modernize its services, where userfriendliness and accessibility are key components. They needed a better understanding of the technical aspects that make digital accessibility possible.

We have learned several lessons from this. It is rewarding to let others than those within our own organisation reviewing our material, external eyes often find new things that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves, says Elsa Gentry Kant, UX Designer with focus on Digital Channels at KPA Pension. It was good to get a list of actions to be able to deal with concrete measures before our launch. It was also a great learning opportunity for all the involved staff, with many different competences.

Funka has made assignments for KPA Pension on several occasions before, so the choice to collaborate once again was not difficult. This time, a crucial factor was that the consultants in the assignment could sit at the premises of KPA Pension during the review and testing period, as it was not possible at the time to set up an external development environment.

It's always fun and interesting to do expert reviews and usually it is an eye opener for the recipient. Expert reviews provide a good snapshot of something in a quick and efficient manner. What was extra effective in this assignment in particular was that we were present at the client’s premises and received a good introduction of the service. We were also given the opportunity to ask any questions to them directly, says Josefin Wessman, Accessibility and Usability Expert at Funka.

KPA Pension’s accessibility work has only just begun. Work in progress at the moment is to complete a digital strategy, with an overall approach from idea to finished product or service. Digital strategic aims are created, where accessibility should be included as a natural part in each individual assignment. The goal is that not only technical aspects will be in focus and not only developers will be involved. A broader implementation is planned throughout the organisation as a whole, such as training of executives, lawyers and other professions.

A major challenge when working with accessibility is the issue of resources, how do we succeed in implementing this cost-effectively? We need to set up a plan for our accessibility work, in achievable steps. How do we organize ourselves? What kind of education is needed? There are many initial efforts to take a stand on. And it is important that accessibility efforts don’t get lower priority when time is scarce, the budget shrinks or projects are about to end, says Dennis Linder, Business Developer for Digital Channels at KPA Pension.

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