Altibox creates accessible TV experience with the help of Funka

Altibox is Norway's leading broadband operator for the Internet, TV entertainment and IP telephony via fiber. They wanted to create a new TV experience that is accessible to as many of their customers as possible.

Customers should be able to navigate easily and find the content that interests them, to start the right TV channel, find the programs they want in the weekly archive, or watch movies in one of the many applications. Therefore, Altibox chose Funka for accessibility audits of the app and the TV interface.

We easily concentrate too much on our own design solutions and suppose that they are understandable to everyone. We run regular user surveys and focus groups when we design and create new experiences. On several occasions we have received useful tips on using texts, contrasts and color choices. But this time, we wanted a comprehensive review on both the TV decoder and all the other applications on mobile and tablet. Therefore, we chose Funka as a supplier, says Svein Aronsen, Entertainment Team Leader at Altibox.

Funka made a thorough report with review of all functionality and described improvement areas. In addition, Altibox also received tips for both "quick wins" and for further development and customization of the TV experience.

We now understand better how we can further simplify and clarify basic functionality for customers in their TV experience. We are especially delighted about the referrals to standards for a better customized remote control and the inclusion of voice control of the most important features, says Svein Aronsen.

The next step in Altibox's efforts to strengthen the accessibility is to incorporate the adaptations into ongoing efforts to improve and simplify access to content. Currently, Altibox has 160,000 different movies and series episodes available to users. Nowadays advanced user analysis is being developed, as well as artificial intelligence (AI).

The accessibility work will obviously mean big and very exciting challenges for us. Altibox communicates primarily digitally and visually with our users. We use a lot of images and icons for different functionality. Simplification and relatability are key factors for everything we do in the future. Continuous user tests, focus groups and expert reports are crucial to succeed, says Svein Aronsen.

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