An accessibility manual provides security and efficiency

Funka has reviewed, updated, quality assured and partially edited Swedavia’s Accessibility Manual to ensure that Swedavia's airports and services meet the requirements and work for everyone, regardless of abilities.

We are very impressed with Funka and the expertise they possess. They have a finger on the pulse of what's happening around the world. The accessibility manual means that we now manage the basic factors regarding accessibility required by us, "says Johan Monie, responsible for passenger service at Swedavia. With the input and advice that Funka has given us, we have been able to raise ourselves regarding the level of security, the personal meeting and the relationship with our customers. A major challenge regarding accessibility is often communication and understanding, now we have got better tools for it.

Swedavia's Accessibility Manual includes everything from hypoallergenic plants to how a good meeting place will look like. In the manual, there is detailed information on how signs, sounds and lights should be designed as well as more comprehensive questions about an inclusive treatment of customers.

The finesse of this manual is that you can both support those who need precise measures to relate to and at the same time learn a mindset, "says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka. It is important that there is room for reasoning why some things are important, otherwise the reader can not address the needs of the target group.

All organizations have a duty to comply with basic regulations and laws. But there are also requirements and recommendations, policy decisions and routines specific to each workplace. Therefore, it is a good idea to develop your own manual, which makes it easier for those who perform specific tasks and for the follow-up work.

Combining text with images and illustrations is very important, some things are much easier to understand in picture, Andreas Cederbom continues. But another, equally important thing, is that the document cannot be static. The world around us is changing, the technical solutions are evolving and the regulations are being updated. This means that the manual must be considered a living document.

Swedavia is a government owned company that owns, operates and develops Sweden’s national basic infrastructure of airports. They handle a network of ten airports ranging from north to south which connects all of Sweden with the rest of the world.


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