Better digital workplaces with accessible systems

In a series of research and innovation projects, Funka has shown how important the digital environment is to help persons with disabilities get and keep a job. This is of course no news, many other reports say the same thing, not only when it comes to disabled persons but really the bad usability of internal systems sometimes risk making employees stressed or even ill.

Most accessibility legislation focus on the external interfaces, so every time we get an assignment around internal systems and the digital work environment, we are extra happy, says Torbjørn Helland Solhaug, accessibility expert at Funka’s Oslo office.

One example is CERES, who provides professional systems for higher education, research and healthcare. They are right now in the process of a competence lift in universal design and accessibility. Funka delivers a series of training sessions that will help CERES deliver even better solutions to its customers.

CERES solutions include research information systems, administration associated with teaching and digital applications for higher education. By working with universal design on its professional systems, CERES contributes to the boost of the digital work environment for a number of employees in both the public and private sectors, which will provide a better working day for many.

The series of trainings provided by Funka covers in depth accessibility knowledge for developers, interaction designers and managers. This way we will enhance competence around both specific technical matters and design solutions, but also how to integrate universal design into internal processes and projects.

Funka is very pleased that CERES wishes to improve its professional systems, which will allow more people to use these solutions regardless of their function. We hope for further cooperation in the future.

Training at Funka

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