City of Stockholm chooses Funka

Plain language and comprehensibility are important components in all communication. This makes sense, cause what’s the point in publishing information online if the users don’t understand it? We consider this as a matter of accessibility, but it’s rather common sense and a way to use resources efficiently.

City of Stockholm is a good example how ambitious content work can function in practice. When creating a new website, they regularly let Funka audit the content and modify the texts.

Our content will exist during a long time. We know that if we do the right thing from the beginning it’s easier to maintain a high quality when we develop the content, says Sofia Lindow, Communications Officer at City of Stockholm.

To let Funka do text modification is a clever idea, since it serves as a quality control for content that is supposed to be published right away. It can also serve as a source of inspiration and as material to increase the internal competence.

Besides doing audits and modifications, Karin Forsell at Funka has trained several of the city’s web authors in plain language, with special focus on possible improvements that arose during the audits.

Karin puts the finger on many things that we as authors already know. First things first, use straight word order, simple words and so on. However, we constantly need to be reminded who we are writing for. The user’s previous knowledge and ability to read complex texts are often different from those of the author or the researcher. Our target group is “everyone” and plain language is good for everyone, summarizes Sofia.  

Funka thanks the City of Stockholm for a good cooperation and wish them good luck in their future work with plain language.