Cultural heritage and accessibility

How to combine accessibility and cultural heritage? This was the focus of a half-day tour Funka arranged for the Norwegian Association of Local Authorities in Stockholm in October.

Lift platform at the entrance of the Hotel Skeppsholmen. PhotoMany believe that it is impossible to make listed buildings accessible. But as Funka, and several other players have shown, it is quite possible to accomplish both parts if you think a little smart. Often the key to success lies in understanding the basis for the different competencies and roles involved in a project.

There are actually many considerations that should be taken at the same time: the historic or cultural value to be preserved, the building must work for the intended activities, people should be able to get into it, and in addition there are often environmental and energy issues, and of course regulations on fire prevention and evacuation.

In Stockholm there are several good examples of cross-sector collaboration with innovative results. Some of them are gathered on our project website to dispel the myths about accessibility. If you are curious to know more, please contact us. We are happy to show you around in our beautiful city!


Physical accessibility

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