DNB, Norway's leading financial institution

Three questions to Stine Braadland, senior project leader at DNB, Norway's leading financial institution.

DNB participates at Funka Nu Accessibility Days for the third consecutive year, tell us more!

- Accessibility is an area in which you never are finished, you need to improve all the time. Therefor it's important for us to keep updated in the area and develop our tools and services so we can satisfy our customer’s expectations in the best possible way. The customers of DNB are in all ages and with different needs and abilities so we want to be as forthcoming as possible. By participating at Funka Nu Accessibility Days we get inspiration and motivation to take with us back to work.

What is the best with participation at Funka Nu Accessibility Days?

- Accessibility is a big and important issue to work with since it's involving as many different kinds of users as well as different areas like, content, design and technical developments. Because the area is still new and unknown for many it can be useful to arrange a specialized conference with focus on just accessibility. But, in the same time, I would like to see that accessibility becomes a natural part in every conference. Hopefully we will get there, but so far we need this kind of conference for covering the accessibility area in the best way.

What do you expect from this year’s conference?

- For the moment we are working a lot to secure that our technical development fulfills the requirements for accessibility. We need to make sure that accessibility is a natural part in both design and technical processes. I hope that I will get more knowledge on how others are working with accessibility so I can take that with me to our own challenges. Otherwise I look especially forward to the lectures on concepts of navigation that work, how to improve your search engine and not the least inclusivity in an ageing world.