e-health agency chooses Funka

Some of the most important and most used services in Norway lie with the e-health agency eHealth.no. For example, it is eHealth that manages services where you can get information about diseases, book appointments and order recipes from your doctor. Now eHelse has signed up Funka as experts in universal design.

All information and services for which eHealth is responsible must of course work for everyone, so universal design is a basic requirement. At the same time, it is quite complex to handle all the many interfaces and services that are constantly updated. In order to gain control, ensure quality and achieve continuity, the agency has chosen to sign an multi year framework agreement with Funka.

We chose Funka because of the bredth of services they provide and the large amount of highly skilled professionals they offer. We also value the contribution Funka makes to the the profesional environment of accessibility experts and the important work they do in international standardisation, says Sarah Brodwall, at the e-health agency.

The first part of the agreement covers two of Funka's most popular services:

  • Funka's requirements tool, a digital subscription service to facilitate procurement, purchasing and further development
  • Funka's support service that provides the opportunity for eHealth to ask questions about just about anything around universal design and receive an answer within 24 hours.
It feels very rewarding to be able to work more in-depth with this ambitious client, says Daniel Sørensen, sales manager at Funka's Oslo office. With a framework agreement, each order is much more efficient and we have a greater opportunity to provide all sorts of support and advice, no matter if it is during development or remediation.

Other services that eHealth plans to buy are skills-enhancing activities such as training, assistive technology demos and hackathons. In addition, different types of audits and user testing will probably be relevant.

At Funka, we are grateful for the oportunity and look forward to an exciting collaboration.