The municipality of Mariestad

This spring Funka starts the work of conducting an inventory of accessibility in all apartment buildings in the municipality of Mariestad in the west of Sweden. The inventory will be carried out in 235 properties and includes all public areas inside and adjacent to the buildings.

Mariestad municipality has chosen to cooperate with Funka in conducting the inventory of the apartment buildings in the municipality. Partly because the municipality already has used Funka’s guidelines for an accessible web, and partly due to the fact that Funka submitted a clear and cost-effective tender, says Gull-Britt Svensson, coordinator for accessibility and assistive technology in Mariestad.

When Funka works with accessibility, we proceed from current legislation and existing guidelines. But we know that it is not enough to follow the letter of the law. Therefore, we have developed indicators and checkpoints that ensures that we monitor issues that actually affects people.

This is an exciting project because it gives us the opportunity to get a picture of the accessibility in an entire municipality says Tommy Hagström, expert on accessibility in the built environment at Funka. It is rewarding that the customer has asked for our broader perspective in accessibility, it will lead to a better end result.

Mariestad has been granted the support of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning to undertake the inventory. The support means that the inventory is cost-free for individual property owners.

The results of the inventory will be communicated to all affected property owners and administrations in the municipality. The municipality hopes that respective property owners will improve the physical accessibility, based on their own conditions and the results of the inventory, says Gull-Britt Svensson.

Funka’s work in physical accessibility