Funka develops a digital educational environment

The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, SPSM, obviously needs a digital education environment with high demands on accessibility. Since 2012, Funka has had the advantage of working closely together with the authority developing a system to meet their demands, and with this new contract, the assignment can continue for another four years.

We are very pleased that we can continue our cooperation with Funka and together develop our course database and the online-based course environment, say Staffan Hammerman and Björn Rönnåsen, Coordinators at SPSM.

SPSM's course activities are aimed at schools and educational staff across the country, which is one of the reasons why the digital education environment is so important. The system is used to receive notifications and manage participants in both physical and online courses.

Each year we have approximately 10,000 participants in our course activities, of whom approximately 3,000 participate in our online-based education, Staffan and Björn continue.

Funka's mission involves further developing and managing the education system, and of course ensuring a high level of accessibility. Through ongoing work with user testing, quality assurance of user experience and inclusion of users with varying abilities is in focus. We will continue to manage the project, work with the structure of content, concept and interaction design, graphical design, front end and back end development. The basis of the system is EPiServer, but gradually the various features have resulted in increasingly independent components.

Since we are also involved in several innovation projects within the school environment, this assignment is extraordinarily interesting, says Anders Beinhoff, technical project manager at Funka. We hope, of course, that the entire industry will act as SPSM and keep developing their systems in a more accessible direction.

The Funka team is looking forward to continuing this exciting cooperation with SPSM.


Anders Beinhoff

Title: Technical Project Manager (Anders Beinhoff)

+46 8 555 770 86 (Anders Beinhoff)