New website for the Swedish Association of Educational Writers under development

The process of developing a new website for the Swedish Association of Educational Writers, SLFF in Swedish, is currently in an exciting and eventful phase. After Funka and the customer's project team have jointly come up with a new concept with good functionality, the client has now gained access to a web environment with customer-specific page templates and are in the process of filling the new website with content.

SLFF and Funka have a ten-year history of cooperation, so it was natural to hire Funka again, says Anita Hyttinen, Communications Officer and Web Editor at SLFF. This time it was a very comprehensive task, to develop a brand new site.

It is a challenge to bring in all the knowledge that Funka delivers to us in the work on the website. But we who work with the association's web communications feel very safe to leave accessibility issues in the hands of Funka, who are indeed experts in the field, says Anita Hyttinen.

In the preparatory work on the website, Funka has developed a new content structure together with the client, we have reviewed the functionality and developed a clickable prototype based on wireframes. Everything with accessibility in mind.

Funka has held workshops and sketched concepts for the website together with the customer's project group. Based on the graphic profile, we have designed and eventually developed the website that is now emerging. After that, the customer has undergone training in the content management tool EPiServer. Now the website is filled with content and a number of acceptance tests and adjustments are in progress before the website is to be launched in the near future.

The Swedish Association of Educational Writers is a member and interest organization for educational writers in Sweden. The association has about 1600 members, who write for all target groups from preschool to college, and in all subjects. It handles scholarships and runs the rights of their members' copyright interests, ie observes the rights of educational writers towards publishers and authorities.

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