Funka develops self-declaration tool for self service terminals

On behalf of the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi, Funka develops a self-declaration system for self service terminals. With the help of a digital tool, businesses will be able to self-declare how well they comply with the law's requirements for accessible self service terminals. The aim is to facilitate management of cases so that Difi can effectively make decisions about possible consequences and measures.

The Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act not only covers websites but also ATMs, ticket machines, parking meters, vending machines and everything else that is included in the concept of self service terminals.

Since self service terminals can be placed here, there and everywhere, and must be physically controlled, supervisory work is very resource-intensive," says Funka's CEO Susanna Laurin. Then it is natural to use self-declaration as part of the supervision.

The tool that Funka has been assigned to develop will enable for all businesses covered by the law to easily declare accessibility status, while Difi in a simple and efficient way get an overall picture of the situation. Obviously, the interface of the tool will meet the accessibility requirements.

This tool will help us to perform effective controls while providing us with valuable data, that we will use for analysis and further development of the supervisory activities. When we get a good picture of the status, it gives us the opportunity to better control and guide the businesses, "says Malin Rygg, Head of Audit for Universal Design of ICT at Difi.

Funka has previously developed guidance materials for Difi about how to place self service terminals. This work also included a review of the ten standards that form the basis for the legislation and clarification of certain requirements. In addition, we have developed the guidelines and illustrations Difi offers about web accessibility in several different rounds. We are currently conducting parallel work on updating that part of Difis website regarding structure, concept and design.

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