Funka provides EVRY with a custom solution

Funka has provided the ICT developer EVRY with a customized three-piece course package with an audit. The goal is to ensure compliance with the legal requirements on universal design, when EVRY is in the process of improving their new e-banking solution.

Custom solution

Funka has proposed a custom solution, consisting of two audits and a client-specific course package. Funka will evaluate EVRY’s e-banking solution from a universal design standpoint and provide education and inspiration for the development team and encourage them to keep the inclusion in mind.

- We see it as wholly positive to include an independent third party, in order to ensure that our deliveries are in accordance with societies demands and wishes regarding universal design. We consider this to be of vital importance and we always look to improve, says Kristian Steinmo, Chief of Products at e-banking.

In order to achieve this goal, EVRY has chosen to make use of Funka’s expertise in universal design, both by an audit and a course. Initially, Funka will do an expert evaluation, with the purpose of providing EVRY with a document to guide their improvements in universal design. After that, Funka will hold a custom seminar for the parties involved in development, based on the findings of the evaluation. The third, and final, phase, will consist of Funka doing a complete revision of of the solution and ensuring compliance with the Discrimination and Accessibility Act.

EVRY is one of Snadinavia’s leading ICT suppliers with a strong regional presence in 50 Norwigian cities. EVRY has around 10 000 employees and close to 13 billion NOK in annual turn over.

Funka is grateful for the confidence and is looking forward to supporting EVRY in their development project and looks forward to further collaboration.

Funka’s audits

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