Funka supports Youths with Disabilities

The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities has chosen Funka to help ensure accessibility when developing their new website. The goal is that all 25 000 members and other visitors, regardless or their abilities, will find, understand and benefit from the information that will be published on the organization's web portal.

It is always important for us to work closely with different end user organisations, says Daniel Sørensen, Sales Representative at Funka’s Oslo Office. We are looking forward to carrying out these missions.

The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities is regularly promoting rights and equality, as well as the principle of a universal society for all, regardless the need for assistance or social/physical limitations. It was natural to use Funka's expertise to ensure that the website that communicates this important information is accessible to all.

To achieve this, the association has chosen to purchase Funka’s detailed accessibility requirements to start off the project the right way. During the whole development, Funka’s experts will do audits and tests, reviewing content, information structure and design sketches. When the work is done, Funka will conduct an acceptance test to ensure that the result is a website that can be used by everyone.

The overall goal is that the website’s design should create credibility among users through practical functionality, consistent placement of objects and good contrasts consistent with the association’s profile colors, just to mention a few. Good design is not just about appearance, but a prerequisite for achieving universal design.

Funka is thankful for the trust and is looking forward to helping the association and their supplier with developing an accessible website.

About The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities

The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities is a cooperative body for disabled children's and youth organizations in Norway. It consists of approximately 35 member organizations with more than 25 000 members. This is the largest umbrella organization of health-related youth organizations in Norway, and its vision is to ensure participation and social equality for young people with disabilities and chronic illness.