Gyldendal aims high with accessibility

The Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal wants to raise the quality of its wide range of analogue and digital learning materials for elementary school and high school. This can be done by working with accessibility, which can contribute to a better learning environment for many students. Therefore, Gyldendal has used Funka for accessibility training of their employees and for an expert review of a web platform.

All students are different and have different preferences for learning methods and assistive technology. The educational possibilities for facilitating and adapting digital learning materials are large - and thus more and more students and teachers use this in learning and teaching. The benefits of the digital include reading out loud, enlarging text, visualizing more clearly using animations, movies and interactive elements - as well as customising the course of education based on the level of the students.

At Gyldendal, we are keen to be at the forefront when it comes to accessibility. The digital platforms offer new ways to meet different needs for many different users, and of course we want to take advantage of these opportunities in the best possible way, says Alexander Henriksen, deputy director, Gyldendal.

The first step was an “Introduction to accessibility” by Funka, which was somewhat of an eye opener. The training consisted of plenty of examples of both good solutions and problems, a look at who is affected by a lack of accessibility, as well as information on current legislation and future legal changes. About 70 designers, developers, editors and project managers participated.

The training was good. The content was suitable for all, with both depths for those with some previous knowledge, and also for those that were totally beginners to accessibility. The participants here at Gyldendal were all very pleased, says Rine Grue Carlsen, web developer at Gyldendal.

The second step was a tailored expert review of a commonly used platform, to ensure a higher degree of accessibility in the digital and widely used learning environment.

Gyldendal has been very interested in and keen on learning about accessibility. This was very evident by the fact that so many participated in the training and the preparations they had made before the tailored expert review. Then it's extra fun to teach and to help them along the way, says Lena Drevsjø, Accessibility and User Experience Expert at Funka.

Funka is looking forward to further cooperation with Gyldendal!

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