ICT-companies are trained in UX and accessibility

With increased accessibility requirements in public sector procurement, more and more ICT and design suppliers have started to look at inclusive solutions. Often many different roles are involved, ranging from technical experts to UX designers and graphical designers, but also project managers and salespeople.

Many of the trainings we carry out for suppliers are about how UX and accessibility are linked, or that accessibility is a prerequisite for good form. Legislative issues and how the EN standard should be interpreted are of course also important and we always try to show examples of the value of including people with disabilities in user testing.

Recently, we trained Daresay, a digital agency with large clients in both private and public sector. It became an exciting workshop where participants got to deepen their knowledge in the field. Funkas Frida Westholm and Maria Ström alternated theory and practice and received much praise from ambitious and enthusiastic participants.

I think the workshop was superfun and interesting, I learned a lot. Good to try out different websites with accessibility in mind, says Rebecca Jäger, UX Designer at Daresay.
The workshop was very nice and useful especially for who, like me, is still building her knowledge in design, Miriana Gischia, UX Designer at Daresay. It really helped me to understand another side of design which often is not enough highlighted. I think it was very nice to have exercises to do and not only theory because somehow the learnings get stuck, so a thumb up for that!
 The workshop was very popular amongst our design team as there was a waiting list of people who wanted to join, says Lisa Lee, Visual Designer at Daresay. The content of the course itself served as a good refresher for a mature design team like ours. The tools and exercises that Maria and Frida suggested were very helpful and we’ve been using them in our projects. The entire process leading up to the workshop went without a glitch as Maria and her team made sure they understood the needs and expectations from our design team. They helped us tailor the workshop and really delivered an inspiring workshop. I would highly recommend the workshop for teams of any size and maturity.