Inera and Funka are working together towards increased accessibility

Many of our customers choose to bring in Funka's experts as a kind of independent third party who checks the outcome of suppliers work. Another way to ensure that the requirements for accessibility are met is to work together.

Funka offers our specialised staff to become part of the customer's team for a period of time, which creates good conditions for learning in the organization. Working together with employees to identify accessibility problems, document methodology, prioritise measures and find proposals for solutions is an effective way of working.

In this case, it was a request from Inera, the main Swedish health information services, where the teams wanted to work closer to the performed audit in order to be able to absorb knowledge in the area more easily and have the opportunity to ask questions about everything - large and small.

It has worked very well, says Jonathan Petrone, tester at Nordic Medtest, a subsidiary of Inera. Accessibility work has been acknowledged in the organisation in a completely different way and we have managed to create curiosity among teams who are new to the subject. The participation has improved the work a lot! The collaboration has created a lot of dialogue in the various teams at Inera.

Right now, Inera is setting up processes for regular follow-up of digital accessibility. An important aspect is to ensure that awareness is present in many different parts of the organisation. No matter how much knowledge the teams have, there need to be communication channels so that the entire organisation can become better at helping each other with accessibility issues.

The fact that experts are on site and carry out tests together with other staff contributes to continuity and that accessibility becomes a natural part of everyday life. That is the only way for organisations to succeed in maintaining the level of accessibility over time. Funka is grateful for the trust and wishes Inera good luck in the future!

About Inera
Inera is owned by regions, municipalities. Its goal is better digital infrastructure, services and collaboration within local, regional and national agencies in Sweden.

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