Klarna gets a clearer view of the user perspective through design audit

Klarna is one of Europe's largest banks and offers payment solutions on the web to 60 million consumers and 100,000 stores in 14 countries. Klarna saw a need to increase their knowledge of accessibility in order to solve the problems that users of their services may have, thereby strengthening customer confidence in them. Therefore, they assigned Funka for a review of their design on the site from an accessibility perspective.

Our focus was to find a supplier that we could have a ongoing dialogue and longer cooperation with. We contacted Funka after reading about previous assignments, and during the first meeting the election became apparent. The combination of expertise, service and the various types of assistance offered showed that we would be in safe hands with Funka, says Hannah Ahl, Design Lead at Klarna.

The biggest lesson for Klarna was the importance of having a stable foundation as a starting point of work. Most of the items found in the audit are derived from the same reason, which means that an improvement in the right place can produce great results.

Without Funka we'd had a hard time making that connection. We also gained a much broader insight into the various disabilities that are part of a full audit and can now work on a larger plan, "says Hannah Ahl.

Klarna feels that Funka has given them good support and tools for future work, especially through the educational report.

To read official documentation became too abstract for us as we did not have enough knowledge to put it in the right context. Now, after getting WCAG 2.1 described against our own material, it becomes easier and easier to digest both the smaller details and the overall concept. We begin to feel comfortable making informed decisions because Funka helped us over that threshold, says Hannah Ahl.

The overall result was Klarna expected in terms of what needs to be reworked. What was unexpected for them was, rather, how different criteria were tied together - how a small correction at the first level could lead to many other points being approved as a result.

The next step for Klarna is partly to revise its official guidelines with Funka's report as support, and partly to raise awareness internally about what accessibility means. A crucial factor is communicating why so much attention is paid to the actions taken when updating the design. Accessibility is not a project that can be terminated, but something Klarna wants to invest in for the long term in their daily work.

Our challenge will be to raise the common accessibility skills within the organisation. Klarna is a large company with many self-governing teams working according to its own goals and budgets. We, as a small entity inside Klarna, are dependent on our colleagues prioritising accessibility with us and sees it as a common goal. During the review, however, we have noticed that more and more people within the organisation have started to pay attention to accessibility, and are hoping to see that the trend will continue even in the future, "says Hannah Ahl at Klarna.

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