Kommunalbanken (the municipal bank) selects Funka!

The norwegian bank Kommunalbanken has launched a new website and want to do quality assurance in regards to the user experince. Because of this, they have hired Funka to audit the accessibility.

By doing an audit, Kommunalbanken wants to take stock and identify the most important possibilities for improvement. An audit has no predetermined checklist, instead we use our experience to identify the most crucial obstacles that hinder users.

Kommunalbanken has the Norwegian municipalities as clients and is not a bank for private citizens. This showcases the importance of keeping accessibility in mind, even when working with defined target groups, and that you never know if there are people with disabilities among the end users.

Furthermore, the bank sector is generelly an area with great potential for self service. According to a Norwegian study, 93 % of visits to private banks in Norway where through digital means. To ensure that as large a group as possible can use these means is thus an advantage for business.

Funka is looking forward to the task we are undertaking for Kommunalbanken.

Kommunalbanken is the biggest finance house catering to municipalities and counties in Norway. The bank’s main focus is to ensure stable and reasonable financing over time to the public sector, regardless of economic conditions.

Funka has worked with several banks. In Sweden, we have worked with, among others, DNB, SpareBank 1, Swedbank, Handelsbanken and Skandiabanken. These are important social institutions with a great impact on the everyday lives of the people. To ensure that their services are of a high level of accessibility is therefore important for clients and the overall trust for the banking sector.

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