Kronoberg County Council develop a new website

Three questions to Johanna Mysjö, web-coordinator at Kronoberg county council January 1st 2015 Kronoberg County Council, and the Regional Council of Southern Småland, located in southern Sweden, will merge and form Region Kronoberg. The new authority will be responsible for healthcare, culture, public transport and regional development.

Earlier in 2014 you contacted Funka when you started developing your new website, tell us more!

- I returned to work from my maternity leave in March and was given a clear task, to develop a new website before the end of the year! With a tight deadline we needed support on how to create a new site. That’s why we contacted Funka. They’ve helped us with structure, concept and design.

What is the major change from your current web site?

- We’ve built it from scratch, which enables us to leave a lot of our old sins on the current site behind us. We’re also reaching out to a more defined target group than previously. We’re moving away from a combined intranet/website, to two separate sites. We’ve also relocated all content regarding healthcare to a national, independent site. That means we can better adapt the content and structure to our target group.

- We’ll also be changing the web organization - fewer people will produce material for the site. That way we can give them continuous training and support, for instance regarding accessibility, with the clear objective to keep the site updated and user-friendly.

- Naturally the new site is responsive which we hope will be appreciated. Around half of all clicks come from mobile units.

What have you learned during this project?

- So far, the most rewarding in cooperating with Funka has been the process of developing a new content structure. We thought we had the user’s perspective but that clearly wasn’t the case. Andreas Blackne from Funka really enabled us to get a different perspective on our work with the new site.

- I’m sure a lot of our colleagues will shake their heads and wonder about the new website structure, but we hope to win them over. I believe we’ve really taken a shortcut when it comes to the design of the new web – since it’s accessible from the start we avoid making time-consuming mistakes along the way.