Lovdata chooses Funka

Starting in March and up to the summer, Funka will provide ongoing support with regard sto accessibility when the Norwegian foundation Lovdata publishes material about assistive technology and grants for people with disabilities.

The requirements for accessibility in the assignment are very ambitious. Therefore, a whole team from Funka will provide regular support, user testing and controlling compliance with the regulations regarding development, graphic design and UX for all users regardless of ability.

Lovdata takes accessibility seriously and we would like to connect with the most competent environments in the area, therefore we chose Funka. Legal information can be complex, so we hope that an intuitive and user-friendly interface can lower the threshold for using the new pages, says Ola Stenersen, marketing manager at Lovdata.

The material to be published comes from the agency for social security and includes information on forms of support and rights for persons with disabilities. It is an important collection of materials for many people and it is self-evident that they should work for everyone.

Accessibility expert Lena Drevsjø from the Funka Oslo office will sit on the team at Lovdata to answer questions and train the team. This is an efficient method that we recommend to customers who want to achieve knowledge transfer in parallel with ensuring the level of accessibility.

I like to work close to the customer this way. When you are working physically at the office of the client you get a closer collaboration and it becomes easier to familiarize yourself with the needs and demands of the assignment, says Lena Drevsjø.

Funka's team also includes Christer Janzon, front-end developer and Frida Westholm, Art Director. Funka's Quality Manager Johan Kling leads the work.

About Lovdata

Lovdata is a private foundation set up by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Faculty of Law in Oslo in 1981. The Foundation's purpose is to establish, manage and operate systems with information on legislation. The foundation can also contribute to research and development in the area.