Making our musical heritage accessible

The concert hall Konserthuset Stockholm is a well-known cultural institution in Sweden and is part of the Swedish musical heritage. With the help of Funka, their extensive archive has been made accessible on their website, where you can find information about the many thousands of concerts that have taken place over the years since the concert activities began.

Konserthuset Stockholm has a long-standing collaboration with Funka in various ways, including web development, training, audits and tests. When the need arose to make its historic archive accessible, it was natural for them to once again choose Funka as a supplier.

Accessibility is nothing we can compromise with. We keep that in mind throughout the whole process, ranging from technology and choice of words to structure. Our service historic archive has grown to a stable function that we are very pleased with, says Lotta Bjelkeborn, Marketing Manager at Konserthuset Stockholm.

Funka has developed the functionality of the historic archive on the Konserthuset Stockholm website and will also manage and further develop the service on a continuous basis.

We are very proud to be involved in that the cultural heritage lives on, says Anders Beinhoff, Technical Project Manager at Funka.

The database historic archive contains information about all the concerts performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra since its inception in 1902. How many performances of a specific work that have been made, by which composers and which musicians, are some examples of what can be found in the archive. The historic archive has various audiences, for example researchers who seek accurate historical facts, but also an interested general public. With 116 years of collected information, there is a lot to discover.

It has been a challenge to find the right structure for the service. Something we have had to think about is what kind of previous knowledge different users have? Therefore, in our accessible tool, we have chosen to have a feature that helps the visitor by listing suggestions that match what the user has written. We have noticed that, to a certain extent, it may also cause the user to make new musical discoveries, which is gratifying, says Lotta Bjelkeborn.

Konserthuset Stockholm’s historic archive, opens in new window


Anders Beinhoff

Title: Technical Project Manager (Anders Beinhoff)

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