Making Waves

Three questions to Kristin Sander, Manager Interaction Design, Making Waves.

Funka was responsible for a course package concerning universal design, which you took part in. Tell us more!

- Making Waves designs and develops digital solutions for some of the biggest actors in Norway and Scandinavia. User friendliness is crucial in in the success of the product. Therefore, universal design is an important part of our work. All our project teams are comprised by advisors, designers and developers. To succeed with universal design, it is absolutely vital that everyone involved have a deep understanding and a good grasp of the of the subject.

- To teach new hires universal design, and to ensure that we all keep up to date about new legislation, we contacted Funka – whom we have collaborated with on several occasions. The ambition was to improve the knowledge of all our employees and to share a common understanding of the subject – even among the branches that don’t work in development, branches like sales and business development.

- Funka offered us a special education package, with a common introduction for all employees and later specialized seminars for the different branches of the company. We are very happy with both the seminars and the trainers from Funka. They provided great presentations and were very successful in giving us the concrete skills we need to implement. Everything was easily understandable and Funka were able to answer all our questions.

What do you feel is the greatest lesson you took away from your participation? In which way was this a good experience?

- Universal design was percieved by many as to give special consideration to small user groups. Our lesson is that it is vital to provide easily accessible content and to create user friendly solutions. Universal design is not complicated – if you keep it in mind throughout the entire developement cycle. If you try and implement it right before launch, though, it is instead very difficult and expensive.

- For Making Waves, user friendliness is a corner stone in all our solutions. We appreciate Funka’s message in that univerally designed solutions ensures user friendliness.

How is Making Waves going to strive to implement universal design in the future?

- The principles of universal design is an integrated part in all our developement projects. Because of this, we have the ambition to keep striving to keep bettering ourselves and our work pocedures. We have employees in our teams who have specialized knowledge and we are working on developing a certification process for these employees, in order to showcase our skills and our knowledge better.

- We have noticed that our clients don’t really understand the new Norwegian legislation concerning universal design and are unsure on how they are going to suceed in satsifying the new requirements. That’s why we evaluate their solutions and give them advice on how to suceed. As a supplier we are responsible to ensure compliance to the law in the products we supply, but it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that that the solution is legally compliant over time and that they make sure to produce content that is accessible for everyone.