Norway’s authority for controlling accessibility compliance chose Funka for support around self service terminals

Funka has been trusted to provide the Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, Difi, with support in a work related to Universal Design of self service terminals. The national Discrimination and Accessibility Act refers to not less than ten different standards around Universal Design of self service terminals. It goes almost without saying that it will be difficult to keep track on all of this for suppliers, purchasers and regulators. The contract runs throughout the fall and covers support in terms of information structure and comprehensibility.

Self service terminals are one of those exciting accessibility topics that spans over multiple parts, says Funkas CEO Susanna Laurin. For the user to arrive at the self service terminal, accessibility in the built environment is needed, everything that happens in the display and functionality has to do with ICT accessibility, and when the user is handling the machine it leans towards cognitive accessibility and UX. In addition, how for example lighting, signage and the buttons and knobs are designed also affect the accessibility of the self service terminals. It's a bit “all and encompassing"- exactly what is accessibility is really about!

More and more self service terminals are being used in society. Sometimes, these put extra demands on the user. Whether you want to buy candy or a ticket at the train station, withdraw money at the bank or borrow a book from the library, chances are that you are directed to a self service terminal of some kind. It is often convenient and smooth, but can sometimes be difficult. Especially the first time you use the particular type of machine - because they are often completely different in terms of logic, use and functionality.

This is where standards come in. If we can agree on how the machines should work, look and be placed - universally designed - it will be easier for everyone.

The assignment on support around self service terminals in Norway comes at just the right time, because in parallel to this, Funka is producing videos on the European standard for accessible ICT, EN301549, on behalf of Microsoft.

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Susanna Laurin

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