Norwegian recruitment company chooses Funka

With funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Youth and Family Affairs, the recruitment company Jobbnorge (Jobs Norway) has given Funka the assignment of creating a recruitment service that works for everyone.

The project aims to allow everyone to find work without hindrance and Funka began with an Expert analysis of the recruitment process and an evaluation of the editorial environment.

The project has two goals. Firstly, to improve recruitment services so that all job seekers get the same opportunities. Secondly, to enhance skills in the organization and with its customers.

Jobbnorge has always wanted to go further than what the Norwegian law requires, and therefore chose to make an Expert Review, says Daniel Sorensen, sales manager at Funka's Oslo office.

The ambitious project will go on for a long time with workshops, customized training, examinations and tests.

We have just completed a mission for the ministry, where we examined the digital barriers for people with disabilities. That we are now creating a more inclusive recruitment process feels like a natural next step, says Daniel Sorensen and smiles.

The recruitement system of Jobbnorge develops and delivers job ads online and paper. The recruitment solution allows job seekers to search and find vacancies and employers can advertise and process applications.

We have been very pleased with the delivery of Funka, says project leader Solfrid Tjærandsen at Jobbnorge. The entire organization is looking forward to increasing our expertise in accessibility. With a good tool in the bottom and high expertise of our employees, we are able to achieve the goal of becoming the leader in Norway.

Regardless of the economy, the proportion of persons with disabilities who are outside the labor market is constant and high. There are of course many reasons of this, which Funka’s report to the Ministry clearly shows, but an important part is to make the recruitment process compliant.

We are aware that it can be demanding and challenging for persons with disabilities to enter the labor market. We want to do our part to help lower thresholds. To apply for a vacancy through should not be seen as a further obstacle on the way to work, says project manager Solfrid Tjærandsen.