Norwegian SpareBank 1 chooses Funka

Some organisations regard accessibility as an issue of compliance. But others, like Norwegian bank SpareBank 1, see opportunities to make the interfaces as well-working as possible for as many users as possible. To investigate what can be improved in the Internet bank and the banking app at SpareBank 1, Funka's experts have conducted our most comprehensive audit.

When Funka audits the minimum legal requirements, the basis is WCAG 2.1/EN301549 in the EU and WCAG 2.0 with some exceptions in Norway. But when we audit accessibility "for real" we go further than that. The international guidelines of WCAG is a baseline, but not sufficient to achieve real accessibility for everyone. The legal requirements are minimum requirements, the lowest possible level.

But to ensure that all people, regardless of ability and conditions, should be able to access information and perform services, Funka has developed the most comprehensive audit of the market. The extended audit is based on our close cooperation with the disability organisations, our long experience in user tests and our own research.

We work with Funka to get an objective view of how our solutions are perceived and what our status is in relation to current and future legislation. Funka is flexible with adapting its analysis process based on our wishes and it was very useful to have many meetings and an open dialogue during the work, says Gunnar Kriik, developer at Sparebank 1.
The report that Funka delivered is used as a priority list for further work on improving our solutions. The report is easy to understand and provides a good overview of potential problem areas and tips on how we can make the user experience even better. We strive to deliver solutions that have the highest possible accessibility for all our customers and therefore the cooperation with Funka has worked very well - both parties have this in focus, Gunnar Kriik, developer at Sparebank 1 concludes.

In addition to choosing to audit the interfaces of the website and the apps against the increased requirements, SpareBank 1 is also ambitious about how they organize their work on accessibility. Different departments and teams participate in the work, which means that solutions to accessibility problems can be developed by and ideas spread to different roles.

When a client realizes that the work will have an impact on every part of the organization, that’s when I know that the assignment will be successful, says Daniel Sørensen, sales manager for Funka in Norway.

Funka is thankful for the good cooperation and wishes SpareBank 1 good luck in the future!