Online course in accessible writing

To reach the national accessibility goals for the cultural sector, the County Council of Norrbotten in northern Sweden chose to educate their editors in writing in an accessible way. Trough distance learning.

Editors from the museum, the county library and the county council of Norrbotten took part in the distance training on comprehensible and accessible writing. The training was conducted by Funka’s accessible content expert Karin Forsell.

What an exciting challenge, to do a distance writing course, says Karin. Thanks to good collaboration and understanding from everyone involved it went great. Of course, I missed the spontaneous feedback, and the opportunity to mingle over a cup of coffee during the pauses. But I was satisfied listening to the happy buzz on the other side.

The main goal was to give all writers a common foundation on how to write accessible and comprehensible texts.

My wish is that trough this course we will learn how to make the disability perspective a natural part of writing, making all of us aware of what might create an obstacle and how we can make all texts accessible, says Hanna Harila, strategist culture and health, Norrbotten City Council.

The training was done via video conference, and while that might not be the best option for a, in parts, practical writing course, expectations were met. The participants’ evaluation scores were an average 5,5 out of 6.

A few comments collected from the evaluation:

“I’m going home wiser”

“Useful based on professional roles”

“Would like to know more and build greater knowledge in the future, and my expectations were met."

“Learned how accessible links look”

“I gained inspiration and knowledge”

“Parts I can conform to right away”

“Useful in my daily work”

The Norrbotten County Council will pursue working with accessible writing, both individual and in groups.

“I learned a different way of writing. And I now get that the message is what’s important.”

“Use this and we will see a transformation”.