Oskarshamn municipality wants to communicate in an accessible manner

The municipality of Oskarshamn in Sweden works with action plans to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities. One of the measures in this work is to educate for increased accessibility in communication, internally and externally. They hired Funka for a tailor-made training to gain deeper knowledge regarding accessibility issues.

We had a good experience of Funka since we had been to some previous lectures and are eager readers of your newsletter Updated, the material is very often worth reading, with attractive headlines. In short, we have got a good impression of you. In connection with the quotation, we received a very good response and Funka answered our questions in a quickly and efficient manner, says Sara Olsson, HR Specialist at the municipality of Oskarshamn.

In a mixed education group, both regarding roles and prerequisites, it is understandable that the lessons learned by the participants can be highly individual. The training session on communicative accessibility included things such as how to link correctly, the basics of writing in plain language, ie simple, accurate and comprehensible, good examples of target group customization and much more.

Common for everyone was that the training session was an eye-opener, sometimes we write in a bureaucratic style without thinking about doing it or why we are doing it. It's easy to get caught up in a tortuous style, this training helped us get rid of this, says Maria Gunnarsson, Communications Officer at the municipality of Oskarshamn.

About 30 people participated in the training session, from a wide range of different professions: editors, heads of management, IT staff, business development, and more. Consequently, their prerequisites were of quite changing character.

It is important to communicate information correctly, both internally to colleagues, but also to the citizens of the municipality. With this training session, we were given the opportunity to increase our skills to make this better, says Maria Gunnarsson.

The next step for the municipality of Oskarshamn is to update and develop the action plans that have been made before. Plans are also to educated the staff in accessible treatment. Furthermore, it is necessary to implement the newly acquired knowledge in the daily work. For example, instructions have been put on the intranet, in how to write in plain language, style guides, policies for how the municipality should communicate with the environment and the citizens, a guide to validating text in Word etc.

We are many and not seldom, we work side by side but like in silos. We have different working methods and tools at different administrations, it is like many small companies in a large group, says Sara Olsson.

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