Regional library chooses Funka

While redeveloping the external website for the regional library in Värmland, Sweden, Funka was hired to analyze and audit the interface to ensure that the site meets the legal requirements for accessibility of the EU Web Accessibility Directive. A library is an important social function that should work for everyone.

There are still some misunderstandings about web accessibility, for example that it is merely about technology. But when Funka takes on an assignment to make sure everyone can use a website, system or service, we look at so much more than just the technical parts.

In the assignment for the regional library of Värmland, we are performing early tests of the various parts that affect how users experience the web. We will audit and analyze UX design and graphic design in sketches and wireframes, in order to immediately detect defects or potential problems. In addition, we will check the templates so that they do not in themselves create accessibility problems. Finally, we perform a complete audit of the entire website before launch.

We chose Funka because with their knowledge and experience. We are sure they can help us make our new website more accessible. It is important given that libraries must be accessible to everyone, says Petter Engelbertsson, web coordinator at the regional library of Värmland.

With the increasing demands for accessibility in various digital channels, ever more of our clients have noticed that a broad perspective is needed to capture user needs from different target groups.

Although rules and standards tend to be square and boring, I think clarity is important, says Johan Kling, Quality Manager at Funka. The user groups listed in the EN-standard help both customers and suppliers understand the complexity of the requirements.

Funka looks forward to a rewarding collaboration.