Scandinavia’s largest independent research institute, SINTEF, have previously assigned Funka to audit their website to ensure that they meet the requirements in the Norwegian Discrimination- and Accessibility Act. Now they have also chosen to purchase Funka’s editor’s manual, which gives Web Editors the support they need to publish accessibly. The manual contains background information, concrete and practical tips, and a checklist.

You have chosen to work with Funka to achieve increased accessibility, tell us more!

- SINTEF’s vision is ”technology for a better society”. Therefore it comes natural for us to make accessibility a priority. In this way we can, assisted by technology, facilitate web publishing of research results in a way that allows our visitors to access the information, regardless of ability. When we decided on a partner to strengthen the accessibility in our web communication, it was natural for us to choose a company that have developed cutting-edge competence in this field.

Funka has performed an audit to find out if your website comply with the requirements in the Norwegian Discrimination- and Accessibility Act. What were the most important results?

- For SINTEF the audit has given us great feedback on how we can improve our website regarding accessibility. Both in purely technical terms, but also editorial improvements. Though a consequence of the audit that is just as important is that it has given us an increased understanding and awareness on why accessibility is important. It is about designing for all users, regardless of which assistive technology or which physical conditions they possess.

How will you be working with accessibility in the future?

- We have taken the results of the audit and reviewed them with our developers. Now we want to focus on increasing the understanding of those who write for the web on why accessibility is important, and provide them with support and training in how to publish accessibly. We will do that with the support of Funka’s editor’s manual.


SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. SINTEF creates value and innovation through knowledge generation and development of technological solutions that are brought into practical use. SINTEF has 2100 employees from 70 countries and 5300 research assignments were completed in 2014.

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