Sodexo selects Funka for web development

Sodexo has initiated a collaboration with Funka's web development department, which has so far resulted in two websites, one focusing on providing support for visually impaired people and one for aid service.

Within Sodexo diversity and inclusion are highly prioritized. In our collaborations we want to see a culture that welcomes differences and appreciates unique talents. With our procurement of web development, we got a very good impression of Funka. For us, it is valuable to use suppliers with similar corporate values as our own organization. The cooperation has worked incredibly well. We have received useful support and quick help from Funka throughout the process.

Funka's mission has been to develop content structure, concept and design of the websites. With well-functioning interaction design, we ensure that the site's features are logically designed, that the flow is structured efficiently and that the site meets the user's expectations of how it should look and work.

This has become something of an eye opener for us in terms of what it means to make a website accessible to all. It's not just enlarged text, but there's so much behind the scenes that matter, it's a whole new dimension. We have received a lot of praise for the new sites, both visually and in terms of accessibility, says Jennie Petersson, Communications and Education Coordinator at Sodexo AB.

Both sites are developed on EPiServer and meets a high level of accessibility requirements. Funka also provide project management, training and maintenance.

We see this as the beginning of a long-term cooperation and hope to get the confidence to continue developing the websites that Sodexo needs in the future, says Johan Kling, Head of Quality and Consultancy at Funka.

Stockholm County Centre for the Visual Impaired (text in Swedish), opens in new window

Östergötland County Aid Service (text in Swedish), opens in new window

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