Stångåstaden chooses Funka

Stångåstaden (public housing in Linköping) has tasked Funka with doing user tests and evaluating their web interface from a usability- and accessibility standpoint.

The collaboration with Funka has given us great insight and provided us with a waypoint to which aspects of our website we need to improve upon, says Marie Aktö, marketing director at Stångåstaden.

The purpose of doing an expert evaluation and user testing was to provide a foundation for improvements in the usability and accessibility, so that the website functions for everyone.

Hampus Sethfors, consultant at Funka, has had the responsibility to prepare, coordinate, and manage the user tests. He has also been the one to recruit participants for the tests. The tests have been performed with eye tracking, with gives undeniable data and provides a great foundation to improve the website in the future.

Since the collaboration between Funka and Stångåstaden has been so succesful, Stångåstaden has decided to order user testing and content evaluation of printed material.

Stångåstaden is the biggest provider of public housing in Linköping and is owned by the municipality of Linköping. The company owns and maintains 18 500 apartments.