Swedavia is the biggest airport group in Sweden. The state-owned group consists of 10 airports and a great number of services related to airport operations. To firmly grasp the accessibility work Swedavia assigned Funka to examine both the physical accessibility and the web-based.

Funka’s comments and point of views have been invaluable, says Anna Ericsson, Head of Passenger Services at Swedavia Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

Funka’s mission has been to support Swedavia in different projects. To improve the physical accessibility Funka has acted as inspector of a major investigation on the design and principles of construction of the toilets at the airports. Funka has also provided inputs to an extensive accessibility inventory work at Swedavia’s ten airports. Furthermore, Funka has been given lectures and workshops.

We believe in integrating accessibility in the daily work to give these issues a bigger focus, says Anna Ericsson. Many employees have started working differently after Funka’s courses and workshops. Afterwards, they talk about and consider accessibility in a different way.
What’s important now is to structure the work so that the accessibility issues are addressed to the appropriate manager since these questions are part of the work of several divisions, continues Anna Ericsson. These issues should be a natural part of the job, and included in our sustainability efforts as the basis for our entire strategy and business plan. We now have a better knowledge and a status report that enables us to take conscious decisions while planning for improvements in the short and longer term.

Funka has also been assigned to analyse Swedavia’s websites and apps. The audit included pedagogy, technology and content.

Funka’s physical accessibility offering

Funka’s website audits