Swedish monitoring agency chooses Funka

The Swedish Agency for Digital Government, called DIGG, is tasked with promoting the work on web accessibility and also monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive. As part of the preparatory work for the monitoring, DIGG has called for support to identify which automatic tools may be suitable for the authority's needs.

Funka, one of DIGG's framework contract suppliers, won the call and will now investigate the tool market.

There are many tools out there, and they all have their pros and cons, but it is important to find a stable service that DIGG can rely on, says Susanna Laurin, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka, who leads the assignment.

Within the assignment, we will investigate both open source and license-based products and services, and of course tools that are currently used for monitoring in other countries.

Funka looks forward to a rewarding collaboration.

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Susanna Laurin

Title: Chief Research and Innovation Officer

susanna.laurin@funka.com (Susanna Laurin)

+46 8 555 770 61 (Susanna Laurin)