Swedish municipality Enköping chooses Funka and wins a prize

It's always fun when our clients receive awards. This time, the local government of Enköping in Sweden won the prize for best usability for their external web site.

Our goal was to become Sweden's best municipal site, says Anna Densjö, web strategist at Enköping.

It is an ambitious goal, and accessibility was one of the quality criteria. The idea was to reach higher if aiming higher, which served as a motivation for both the organization and consultants to try a little harder.

Funka helped by including expert evaluations and user testing. Technical audits to ensure that WCAG is met and practical tests with users to ensure that UX and cognitive perspectives, the "softer" issues, was also addressed.

The development was performed in an agile way and accessibility and UX was therefore tested several times during the project.

We had no preconceptions about the interface or functionality, we tested without knowing what the result would be, says Anna Densjö. We kept the ideas that users understood and liked, and scrapped the others. Design and structure changed a lot during the journey.

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