Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs

Three questions to Linn Elgstrand, webmaster at Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs.

Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs chose Funka Nu to conduct user testing, tell us about the background!

- We had just launched our new website and wanted to test it on persons in our target group. How the new structure and design worked, if we missed something and how we could make the website even better.

In what way did the result from the tests help you?

- The tests where we used eye-tracking showed us what worked and how the users acted when they had difficulties in solving the different tasks they were given. This in turn has provided us with tools in our ongoing development. It was interesting to see how the users solved different tasks.

Can you give us any practical example?

- We had placed the submenus in (for the web) an unconventional way. The eye-tracking tests showed us that the users had some problems with this, so we changed their placement.

- The user tests have helped us to identify problems with placement of links and content so, for example, we have complimented with more links and even moved content.