Swedish Public Service Television (SVT)

Three questions to Lars Samuelsson, web developer at Swedish Public Service Television (SVT). Swedish Public Service Television (SVT) is one of the more ambitious clients Funka has collaborated with in many years. Lately, the cooperation has been expanded. Lars Samuelsson, web developer at SVT Interactive, tells more:

You have chosen to hire Funka to work with you in regards to accessibility/usability, tell us more!

- We have long hired Funka, because of their expertise in accessibility. They also give us feedback on our ideas and help us perform more extensive tests.

Two of Funka’s experts have regularly participated in paractical workshops with you, how has that been? And what has it resulted in?

- Since we are the ones setting the agenda, the workshops are very relevant to our work. For example, we perform tests on current projects, discuss solutions to current problems and discuss past successful solutions. It fits our agile process, since we can focus on the things most important and relevant to us.

How do you partically work with improving accessibility?

- At SVTi, we have a virtual team that works with accessibility issuses. This is the team that tests things, share knowledge and that tries making our digital platforms more accessible. The goal is to spread our knowledge and give support on how to create accessible services.