The disability organisations chose Funka

When HSO Skåne, the southern region of the umbrella organisation for the disability federations in Sweden, decided to develop a new website, Funka was a natural partner. During the summer the new website will be launched with Funka being responsible for redesign and development.

Funka has for several years worked with HSO Skåne, both in terms of consulting and with cooperation projects.

Our current website, launched in 2011, was developed by Funka and our cooperation has worked very well comments Thomas P Larsson, responsible for the web project at HSO Skåne. Now we needed an upgrade to the latest technology to make improvements for the website’s visitors. Then it was only natural to assign Funka. Among other things the new website is responsive, which is good for many in our target group.

Both HSO Skåne’s current website and the new one are developed in EPiServer. Funka is an EPiServer partner with long experience in creating high accessibility in the Content Management System, CMS.

We expect the new website to meet our high expectations in accessibility so that our visitors are able to access the information, and that the design is more in line with our graphic identity. It will also be more flexible to work with for our editors, continues Thomas P Larsson.

High technical competence is of course the basis for successful accessibility-related work. But it also requires solid knowledge so that the authors are able to publish accessibly. Therefore we recently conducted a training session for HSO Skåne on their new website. Funka regularly holds EPiServer training sessions for our customers and a variety of other courses to increase accessibility.

A new web tool

The next step in Funka assignment for HSO Skåne is to develop a web tool financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission. The idea is that individuals, organisations, and municipalities shall be able to use the tool to determine whether a certain activity complies with the UN Convention. The basic point of the test is HSO Skåne profile issues: accessibility, quality in welfare services, and the right to work and livelihood. Once a test is completed the results will show which parts live up to the convention and what the shortcomings are.

HSO Skåne is a non-profit umbrella organisation for the disability movement in Skåne. The member organisations today represent around 40 000 people with different disabilities.

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