The Municipality of Vaxholm

To guarantee great web accessibility the Swedish Municipality Vaxholm City used Funka’s expertise already facing the procurement phase of their web development project, and continued to do so during the entire process.

Stefan Johansson from Funka has been a fantastic resource during the project; wise, solid and extremely competent. We are very pleased! Comments Ylva Rasch, Communications Officer at the Municipality of Vaxholm.

To ensure that the right demands on the web development supplier were made from start, Vaxholm City assigned Funka’s services before the procurement began. Accessibility has at all time been in focus, why Funka was consulted during all stages of the web development project. Funka provided guidance to the municipality by both serving as project manager and by giving support during the development.

Funka also made the design of the website based on the municipality’s new graphic profile. The assignment was to create a simple and easy to navigate website with Vaxholm’s profile colours as a common thread in the design.

Vaxholm’s website now also offers the reading-support service BrowseAloud that facilitates access to the web content for people reading difficulties.

Funka’s offering:

Consultancy services during a web project

Design services