The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection chooses Funka

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection has hired Funka's experts to make an extensive analysis of the accessibility of two websites with crisis information.

Everyone, including persons with disabilities, that are especially at risk in a crisis situation, must of course get the information they need in order to handle an emergency.

In order to assure the service quality of the two websites, so that they actually serve the entirety of the populace; persons with disabilities, elderly, inexperienced users, persons with a different native language than Norwegian, and more, the authority hired Funka to perform our most comprehensive model of audit, where we not only measure compliance to the Discrimination and Accessibility Act, but assess if all users can actually handle the interface.

The Directorate also attended Funka Accessibility Days to get inspiration and new perspectives, meet users with different abilities and test assistive technology.

By the result of this thorough analysis, we got a good understanding of how we can improve our accessibility, says Henriette Magnussen, who leads the web project at the Directorate. What earlier to us seemed like invisible editorial short-cuts, became clear as big problems for our users. It was thought-provoking. The report also gives us a foundation for our further discussions on how to use our resources and how to prioritize internally.

The Directorate for Civil Protection serves under the Norwegian Justice department and is an expeditor in the work of accident and crisis prevention. The websites have the function of servicing the populace before, during and after a crisis.

Funka are thankful for this opportunity and wishes the Directorate good luck in their future work on accessibility.

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